Aerial Gallery

At Kenneally and Company we are excited to introduce to our ever growing lineup of services. Aerial videos and photos with the use of our new DJI Phantom drone. Our drone offers the ability to shoot crystal clear HD video and high resolution photos through the use of the 3 axis stabilized gimbal.

Why choose Kenneally and Company for our aerial services? We are fully insured through Rousseau Insurance, we offer full in-house video editing and photo retouching. Our pilot (photographer) is a commercially licensed airplane pilot who owned his own aerial photography business for over 10 years. Soon we will be one of the few agencies in the state of Maine to have our FAA Part 333 exemption.

A few questions to ask a potential drone business when comparing our services to theirs:

• Are you insured? The answer should be, ‘yes.’ The simple fact is, a drone will be flying over your property and it could crash (highly unlikely) and it could cause property damage or injury. At Kenneally and Company we are fully insured by the Rousseau Insurance company.

• Do you have your FAA 333 Exemption? A lot of drone operators will tell you a lot of things to get your business. They will tell you they have the required FAA 333 exemption when in fact they don’t.
– The FAA 333 exemption is a series of rules pertaining to the use of drones put forth by the FAA.

– All drones less than 55kg must be registered by the FAA.

– All commercially operated drones must have an exemption from the FAA (333).

– There are many rules pertaining to where and what altitudes a drone can fly.

– Any drone flown for the purpose of business must be flown by a certified pilot with at least a sport pilot’s license.

There is pending legislation coming in June, 2016 which may allow the use of drones commercially without a pilot’s license but right now, all commercial drone operators must follow the current rules. At Kenneally and Company, our drone pilot holds a commercial pilot’s license with more than 2,000 flight hours.

Arial Gallery

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