Video Production

We take pride in our video production services. From meeting with each client to find out what they want, coming up with the creative and the right solutions on videos, you will be seen.

The top reasons to use video include
• Visual and sound: It is a great way to grab the attention of potential customers

• Multi-purpose: Video can be used on TV, web sites, social media, on a screen in your lobby or store, or screen at a trade show.

    —Whether on a high-definition TV screen, an iPad, or smartphone, video offers the most effective way to reach people

• Connecting with customers: Tell your story in a way that will have customers coming to you.

• SEO: Your Google Analytics will thank you. Video makes your website rank higher on web searches. Since Google owns YouTube, the more videos you upload, the higher you tend to rise in the rankings, the longer people will stay on your web site, and the better chance you will have to influence customers.

We offer a variety of videos in all lengths, for different purposes:

• :30 second commercials for television (insert these samples)

• 1:00 minute commercials for web sites or part of a longer format show (insert these samples)

• 3:00 minute segment for web sites or part of a longer format show (insert these samples)

• Half hour show: Paid programming is a billion dollar industry. What we do is create half hour entertainment shows with a “soft sell” approach. People often watch the shows because they are interesting (entertainment value) and then act on what they see (the soft sell approach). (insert samples here)

• Training and Safety videos: Training and safety videos can be used to save time, educate clients and co-workers, and be a valuable asset in your training and safety guides.

Video Gallery

:30 Videos

:60 Videos

3:00 Videos